Cinema Marketing Campaign of the Year

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This award recognises the best campaign by a cinema exhibitor to grow attendance frequency and/or revenue for a specific cinema, region, audience segment or for their circuit in its entirety.  The campaign does not need to relate to a specific film title. Sample submissions might include marketing campaigns that focus on cinema pricing initiatives, seasonal offers, key focus customer segments, loyalty programmes, food and beverage sales or the expansion of new cinema experiences.   The winning campaign will be recognised for its success in increasing cinema attendance and/or revenue through an innovative use of marketing channels, such as: database marketing, social media, mobile, online, in-cinema or traditional media.

  • Company Name
  • Campaign Title
  • Campaign dates/period in market
  • Campaign Objective(s):
  • Marketing channels used to support campaign
  • An explanation of the campaign and why it was successful (300 words maximum)
  • Campaign results and any other relevant stats and data (300 words maximum)