Cinema of the Year

from a company with 25 screens or over

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This award honours the individual cinema rather than the chain. Any cinema can nominate itself. A chain, should it choose, can also nominate more than one of its own sites.

The UK’s exhibitors continue to innovate and draw in big audiences despite the changing landscape for film. This category honours the cinema (single site) that showed solid performance with ticket sales and also engaged in new and improved ways to serve both audiences and distributors. Criteria won’t be based on box-office alone. Separate awards will be given in entries from companies in two tiers: 25 screens or over and 24 screens or under.

  • Company Name
  • Total number of screens
  • Location
  • Cinema basics: year opened, number of screens and capacity, any other relevant background information
  • Why was your team’s work exemplary this year? (250 words maximum)
  • How did your company’s work this year grow, build on, or innovate from the previous years? (250 words maximum)