Event Cinema Campaign of the Year


This award to recognizes the amazing growth in the ‘event cinema’ or ‘alternative content’ industry. The award will recognise a one-off event cinema offering that was well marketed and connected with audiences. It will not be judged on box-office size alone, but how well it hit its target market.(By on-off, we mean that it won’t have had a continuous run in cinemas, it will be fine to enter a programme that was launched on one evening and then rerun at other sporadic times.)A feature film with a typical theatrical run that had a special Q&A one night will NOT be considered. This category is for event cinema offerings in traditional cinemas, not for site-specific installations and pop-ups outside of the cinema. We expect most of these entries to be in the fields of opera, music, theatre, museum shows and other similar non-film content.

  • Company Name
  • Project Title
  • Release Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Number of Screens
  • Box-office takings on the night of release
  • Any subsequent box-office takings
  • Any other relevant stats and data
  • Please include explanation of the campaign and why it was successful (300 words maximum)