PR Campaign of the Year


This award will recognise a PR campaign for a film’s launch or a film-related event (including a UK-based film festival or film premiere), both with strong traditional efforts and new innovations for a changing market. The winning campaign will have created significant buzz in a crowded market. This category is platform-agnostic and open to theatrical, day-and-date and VOD premieres although when entering for an individual release, entries must qualify as a feature film and evidence of audience engagement must be provided.

  • Company name
  • Film title/event
  • Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Number of screens, if relevant
  • Opening weekend box-office, if relevant
  • Total box-office tally, if relevant (please note if still on release)
  • Who worked on the campaign, including internal staff and external agencies
  • What are the campaign’s theatrical objectives? Please include an explanation of the campaign and why it was successful (250 words maximum)
  • How did you ensure your release stood out in a crowded marketplace? (250 words maximum)