Premiere of the Year


A successful premiere is about more than just unrolling the red carpet. This category’s applicants should demonstrate how the premiere activities tied into the film itself, and how both film fans and the press were engaged. The winner isn’t necessarily the biggest blockbuster premiere of the year; it could be a smaller film that had a very unique and personal premiere that was delivered in a thoughtful, innovative way.

  • Company Name
  • Film Title
  • Release Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Number of Screens
  • Opening Weekend box-office
  • Total box office tally (if still on release please note)
  • Who worked on the premier? (including internal staff and external agencies)
  • What are the campaigns objectives? Please include explanation of the campaign and why it was successful (300 words maximum)
  • Please explain how the premier engaged the press (300 words maximum)